Local networks of high quality, integrated services that support families and young people at risk.

The new model for Family Support Networks +

As a key component of the Department of Communities Building Safe and Strong Families: Earlier Intervention and Family Support Strategy, the Family Support Network  model has now been expanded across the metropolitan area, and operates in four service corridors.

In addition to the existing assessment and coordination stream, the lead agency now also provides an intensive case management service for families referred by the Department of Communities.

FSNs are delivered in partnership with an Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation and aim to provide culturally appropriate services which prioritise the needs of Aboriginal families.

The FSNs work with families to identify and improve their culturally safe support networks. This includes natural support networks and community links that encourage and assist families to thrive in their community.

The FSN model is designed to help families:

  • improve parenting skills to safely care for their children at home;
  • receive an integrated and coordinated service response to divert them from the child protection system; and
  • develop and strengthen culturally safe support networks.