Local networks of high quality, integrated services that support families and young people at risk.

Assessment and Coordination

The Assessment and Coordination stream is for vulnerable children and families, young people aged up to 25 years and families involved with or known to multiple agencies, including the Department of Communities. Priority is given to Aboriginal families.

Referrals are accepted from the Department of Communities, FSN partner agencies, non-partner agencies in the community and directly from families themselves.

This service involves assessing family needs and either coordinating a range of services to work with the family or linking the family with a partner agency who will coordinate the services they need and/or provide case management.

If a service is not immediately available following assessment, families are placed on active hold and are actively supported while they are waiting to receive a service, rather than being waitlisted. This enables the FSN to monitor the family and take action if required to prevent the situation from escalating.